Minibus drivers provide a valuable service in the UK by safely carrying their passengers to and from there everyday business.

Lots of mini bus drivers go on to coach driving as a progression.

To be come a professional minibus driver, there are various stages to complete to achieve Category D1 or D1+E licence.

To become a professional driver the DVSA suggests professional training, before attempting to obtain the licence. Training is essential enabling the driver to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

There are two licences for a 16 seater vehicles.

Category D1
This is the most basic PCV licence enabling you to drive a minibus with a seating capacity of up to 16 and towing a trailer no heavier than 750 kg.

Category D1+E
This licence also allows you to drive a minibus with a seating capacity of up to 16 but with a trailer in excess of 750 kg in tow

Because this licence is in the heavy vehicle category, (exceeds 3.5tons) You will have to take to following:

- Driver medical
- Theory and hazard perception tests
- Practical test

We offer on line training for the theory and hazard perception tests.

For public drivers who work for bus companies we offer CPC training module 2P4 see links Periodic training 35 hours of classroom based in the Huddersfield and the Kirklees area or we can arrange for a trainer to come to your training centre to carry out the modules.

We know people are busy so we save you time, by organising all aspects of your course bookings and paper work and any changes needed