B+E courses are for drivers who want to tow a trailer exceeding the maximum authorised mass (MAM)


A car licence will be restricted to 3.5 Tons. With a combined weight the licence will allow you to drive a car with a trailer limited to 750 kilograms.

Additional examples are it will allow you to tow a caravan, Jet Ski or tow other vehicles on a trailer such as recovery.

Why not contact LGV Auto Pass Ltd for car and trailer training (B+E courses).

We are in the Huddersfield Kirklees and the surrounding areas.

Minimum course 1 day training consists of 8 hours inclusive of test
A days tuition is 8 hours half a day is 4 hours
Driving tuition with an ADI instructor fleet registered with the DVSA
Manoeuvring exercises to enable full control
Vehicle checks show me tell me questions (see links)
Coupling and uncoupling the trailer
Trailer maintenance
Towing vehicle Seat Leon FR
Williams trailer with twin axel
Extended mirrors for better vision
Air conditioning
Sun roof
Full leather heated seats for comfort
Lessons start form 30 per hour